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Student Support

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team at SSIS comprises of Director, Deputy Director, Faculty ,Academic Coordinator and Student representatives. We are here to counsel students over concerns about academics,complaints, problems on campus, or when unsure where to go for help.
Students may also drop a note on their concerns by mail to, or use the Suggestion Box.
The Buddy and Mentor system are also in place to provide peer support.
The intention is to provide mentoring from faculty and peers to help students achieve their potential.

Student Security

Emergency response requirements – the student handbook and the SSIS contains all relevant contact details for medical/ fire / police etc. emergencies.
The University takes the security of its students very seriously. If you have experienced any threat to dignity or security or any form of harassment we strongly encourage you to report it.
The details of the Anti-Ragging Helpline, Team, and the Nodal officer are prominently displayed across the campus as well as on a website.

Parent Connect

Parents can keep track of their ward’s progress in class via attendance charts for each subject, and test scores, by logging into their Angel registration account through Curiosity Software. Giving parents information about their ward’s progress establishes accountability from the student, and motivates the student to perform.
Parents can also write in to the Director/ Deputy Director or meet with prior appointment.

Student Health

Students should register with the University Health Centre -- SCHC The Health Center provides:

  • A consultation with a doctor or nurse
  • An emergency appointment
  • Sickness certification
  • Insurance

Caution Notice