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Director's Message

For the country the size of India, there are a very few quality private institutions which allow for independent creative thinking on how foreign policy needs to be conducted. SSIS is a new addition to the Symbiosis family and is poised to be at the forefront of research and education. With its area study focus, the school will provide widespread opportunity for research, consultancy, policy framing as well as post graduate teaching.

Through innovative high-quality work, SSIS may not only seek to inform the populous and the policy making agencies, but with its ambition to assemble a critical mass of experts with their methodological skills, the school promises to shape well trained scholar-analysts in their ambition to study, understand, discuss, debate and relate to the contemporary global scenario. At the heart of contemporary international politics are new challenges to enduring problems. Increasing concerns such as poverty, terrorism, conflict, human rights, economic development, health and the global environment, make the study of global affairs a unique and exciting challenge. The SSIS unfolds the opportunity to examine and critically evaluate such issues of the contemporary world. I welcome you to an institute which is constantly preparing for the new and unfolding realities of international life.

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